The Ferme Refat is situated in the middle of 10 hectares of its own pastureland, where our horses find their well-deserved rest. Directly behind the farm are extensive forests and open land. 

The site, once home to cattle, is now the location of a modern equestrian facility. Our horses are ready for guests to take them for rides through the expansive forest. And in case of inclement weather, riding can be enjoyed in our covered arena. 

You are also welcome to bring your own horses. The appropriate stables are available. 

Horse riding in the Ardennes - a real adventure!

Riding excursions are always guided. We ride through varied terrain with steep uphills and downhills and also cross streams. Consequently, riders must be experienced due to the rugged conditions.


The terrain is difficult and the horses have a lot of temperament, so riding experience is required. 

The minimum age to ride with us is 14 years. This age limit is strictly adhered to.

As an experienced rider, you own the proper clothing and always wear a riding helmet.

Due to the difficult terrain and for the welfare of our horses, we only allow riders up to 95 kg on our horses.

Riding is at your own risk, therefore you need your own accident insurance.